A comedy you can trust with a strong gospel message. Dove says the acting is great, and we say you should check it out!

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RHM-Jostie-logo2Music for film and visual media. Created with quality gear, hi-def sampling, and an acoustically treated studio to bring you the very best in auditory goodness.

We are looking for sponsors for the upcoming Jostie Flicks.

We are YouTube partners, but have chosen to keep their ads off our videos to keep them as family friendly and clean as possible as we do not have control of the ads they put before/during our videos. As a result of this, we don’t receive any money from YouTube no matter how many views we get. We would much rather advertise for companies and businesses that we can support.

If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring a future flick, please email us at: jostieflicks@gmail.com for details. This will enable us to continue to create flicks for you fine folks!

Link below to download PDF with sponsorship details:

CLICK HERE to download sponsorship details